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Hi, Adam here. I'm a writer and performer, not a therapist. But many people reach out to me for guidance on using psychedelics to treat OCD, so I'm adding this page to the site in hopes of offering some help.


I'm afraid I don't have the bandwidth to have one on one calls about this, but I do facilitate a biweekly zoom meeting on subject - generally it's the second and forth Monday of each month, from 9 to 11pm Eastern time. It's entirely free, you just need to register for the zoom link here

I've also created a number of videos outlining exactly how I've treated my OCD here

I do a weekly video series called Exposure that may also be helpful. It's not specifically about OCD, but I do often share my own up-to-the minute journey with OCD, including what's working for me. You can watch Exposure here

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